ustun_dokmenÜstün Dökmen was born in 1954, in Istanbul. When he was 6 years old, he voiced his interest in writing theatre plays and novels. His mother, who was a Turkish literature teacher, read Fuzuli’s poem to him: “Poetry without science is like an unfounded wall, it would be quiet discredited.” And she suggested him to first master in a scientific field and later to engage in art. Dökmen took this suggestion seriously. In university, after studying physics for a while, he moved to psychology and studied for an undergraduate and a postgraduate degree. He earned his Ph. D. in Psychological Counseling and Guidance and received his professoriate title in education field. His theatre play “Komşu Köyün Delisi” was staged 477 times in Turkish State Theatres. Respectively, his novels are, Ladesçi, Miyase’nin Kuzuları, Kuzular Vadisi, Kelebekler ve Insanlar, Metres Tepe, Menderes: Irmağın Gölgesi, Yorgun Heykel, Sağdıç (a novel composed out of one word that is 124 pages long), Mektup and Ay Kapanı. Dökmen has also written fairy tale books for children, and a book called “Fairy Tales for Children and Adults”.