Delal Arya, born in Istanbul in 1979, spent her childhood traveling the oceans with her father, who was a captain, aboard ships. The adventures she experienced at sea with her monkey and parrot, along with the atmosphere of distant countries, deeply influenced her. She began her writing career at a young age with the adventures she penned. She completed her education in Italian schools and graduated from the Department of Cinema and Television at Bilgi University. Her curiosity about mysteries and ancient civilizations led her to study archaeology, focusing on Protohistory and Near Eastern Archaeology at Istanbul University’s Archaeology Department.

Today, she translates children’s books and writes travel articles for various magazines and newspapers. The author of the fantasy adventure series “Pera Chronicles” and “In the Seven Seas” enjoys writing her books in exotic locations, such as a container ship bound for Africa or a hut in a snowy forest teeming with wild animals. However, she currently resides in Minnesota with her husband and twins.