DEFNE-SUMN-FK-1Defne Suman was born in Istanbul in 1974. She grew up on Prinkipo Island, in a house, which had been her grandfather’s. She studied sociology at the Bosphorous University, from which she also obtained a masters degree in sociology. She worked as a teacher in Thailand and Laos. There she studied Far Eastern philosophy and mystic disciplines. Later she continued her studies in USA state of Oregon. Today she lives in Athens and Istanbul where she continues teaching hatha yoga and write her books.


Blue Forest, journals, 304 pages, 2011
Hide And  Seek, novel, 400 pages, 2014
The Silence of Scheherazade, novel, 440 pages, 2016
Summer Heat, novel, 376 pages, 2017
At the Breakfast Table, novel, 360 pages, 2018
Human Condition, journals, 214 pages, 2019
After Rain, novel, 160 pages, 2020

The Circle, 352 pages, novel, 2022