Fatma Nur KaptaFatma_Nur_Kaptanoglunoğlu was born on 6 June 1993 in Marmaris. She completed her university education at Eskişehir Osmangazi University, Department of Turkish Language and Literature. She also studied NOTOS Playwriting Training, MARFOD Photography Training and Bahçeşehir University Short Film Directing.
She worked as a writer and editor in many magazines. In 2017, she met the readers with her first story book, Kaplumbağaların Ölümü (The Death of the Turtles). Her second book, Homologlar Evi (House of Homologues), took place on the shelves in September 2019 under the label Dedalus.
She directed and supported many social responsibility projects. She was the 2020 president of the JCI Culture association. On the other hand, she continues her working life as Creative Director.