Mehmet Mollaosmanoğlu was born in Alanya. He was graduated from Isparta University Faculty of Engineering. He worked as supervising engineer for a while in İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality. After he had served as a soldier, he went back to Alanya in order to establish his own company. Mehmet Mollaosmanoğlu ,who has carried out various projects in the fields of architecture and engineering, started to write novel in 2000. His debut novel Ataerkil (Patriarchal) was published in 2007.

His Works:
Kaderler Tableti (The Tablet of Destiny), Atahunalp Urumgalatlı’nın Amel Defteri (Action book of Atahunalp Urumgalatlı), Kutsal Adalet (Divine Justice), Boğayı Öldür (Kill the Bull), Talaytaytan (Talaytaytan), Çark (Wheel)

Foreign Editions of Mehmet Mollaoğlu’s Works