IMG_20180224_182732_299Fatma Burçak was born in Ankara in 1969. After Erenköy Girls’ High School, she graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Management. She worked as a specialist of planning and customer relations and a manager of a product-brand in the private sector. The first story she wrote was included in a mixed book in 2009. Since 2010, she has prepared six literature collections for children and teenagers: Ne Demiş Victor Hugo, Hey On Beşli, Gönül Kimi Severse Güzel Odur, Ne Demiş Yunus Emre, Her şey İçinde Saklı, Dile Benden Ne Dilersen. In 2014, her first children’s novel Akata’ya Yolculuk was published. After 2015, ending her business life, she followed her passion for reading and writing. Her stories, review writings and interviews with the authors were published in various cultural and art magazines and in mixed books called Kadın Sesleri, Ben miyim Kurban, Pati Öyküleri. She compiled and edited the book of Sadık Dostlara, the collection of stories of written for dogs, was published in the last months of the year 2017. Since 2013, she has been organizing creative reading workshops for adults. Occasionally she’s a freelance editor. She keeps reading and writing.