He was born in Antalya in 1971. After finishing Antalya High School, he studied architecture. (ODTÜ-1993) The title of the master’s thesis was “Oral Expression of Architectural Space”, showing the two activity of his life. Architecture and Writing. He has been working as an architect since 1996. He wrote articles about city, architecture and design for magazines and newspapers. He was a part-time instructor in architecture studios. He gave conferences; won prizes in project competitions; joined as participant or curator at national and international exhibitions. There are five published books. Dream Bugs (Alef, 2008), 17 Types of Loneliness (Alef, 2007), A Place to Watch the World (YKY, 2010), Lost in the Forest (Alef, 2014) and A Pair of Foot (Can, 2016).