bunyamin_aygun_photoBünyamin Aygün started his career as a photographer and journalist in Trabzon, the northern part of Turkey. He has worked as a reporter for several newspapers including Günaydın, Hürriyet, Türkiye and İhlas News Agency, Hürriyet News Agency, Doğan News Agency. Aygün’s expertise as an award-winning photo reporter in war zones was well-known. He was one of the first three journalists to enter Syria when war broke out and was considered the Syria expert in his newsroom at Turkey’s Milliyet newspaper in Istanbul. Bunyamin Aygün was captured by Islamic State militants (ISIS) in November 2013 and held for 40 days, he was released after 40 days in captivity and returned to Turkey through the Cilvegözü border gate in Hatay, with a team of eight National Intelligence Organization (MİT) special unit members. Now, he continues his career as a reporter and writes his experience during the captivation times.

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