tahsin y. foto 2Tahsin Yücel, one of the greatest living masters of Turkish literature, won the Sait Faik Short Story Award for his first book Haney Must Live. He went on to produce innumerable important works in various genres of literature. By means of his essays, articles and writings on thought and philosophy he has not only earned respect in his own country but also throughout the world. 

He was born in Elbistan in 1933. After graduating from Galatasaray Lycée in 1953, he studied at the School of French Language and Literature, at Istanbul University and received his degree in 1960. He specialized in 19th and 20th century French literature and semiology. He became a professor in the same department, where he worked until he retired.



1956 Sait Faik Short Story Award (Haney Must Live)

1959 Institute of Turkish Language Award (The Death of Dreams)

1993 Orhan Kemal Novel Award (The Last Five Days of the Prophet)

1999 Dünya Kitap The Book of the Year Award (The Neighbors)

1999 Sedat Simavi Literature Award (Through Discourses)

1984 Azra Erhat Literary Translations Outstanding Service Award for his all translations

2003 Yunus Nadi Novel Award (The Lie)

2003 Ömer Asım Aksoy Award (The Lie)

2005 Truva Literary Outstanding Service Award (Kumru With Kumru)

2007 Balkanika Literature Award (The Skyscraper)



Dead End Kitchen (Mutfak Çıkmazı), 1960, novel; The Citizen (Vatandaş), 1996, novel; The Last Five Days of the Prophet (Peygamberin Son Beş Günü), 1992, novel; The Tale of the Moustache (Bıyık Söylencesi), 1995, novel; The Lie (Yalan),  2002, novel; Kumru With Kumru (Kumru ile Kumru), 2005, novel; Skyscraper (Gökdelen), 2007, novel; The Last One (Sonuncu), 2010, novel; Through the Discourse (Söylemlerin İçinden), 2014, essays

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