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Gül İrepoğlu started  her academic career In Department of Literature, Chair of Art History in Istanbul University*, after finishing İstanbul High School and Department of Architecture in Academy of Fine Arts.* She became a art history professor at the same institution in 1997. After serving for 26 years, she retired early in order to spare time to write in 2005.  She created works in the fields of Tulip Age,  artistic relations of East and West, Culture of Tulips, Culture of Roses and Crown Jewels of Osmanlı.

She prepared and presented several Cultural and Art programs. She worked as the president of Protecting the Touristic Values Foundation of Turkey (TAÇ) and board member of National UNESCO Committee of Turkey.

Her novels have been translated into many languages. Gölgemi Bıraktım Lale Bahçelerinde (2003) about Tulip Age and relations in Topkapı Palace; Cariye (2007) about a love story set in the harem of Osmanlı Palace in 18th century; Fiyonklu İstanbul Dürbünü (2009), about the last 50 years of İstanbul based on the clothes and İstanbul Yıldızı (2014) fictionalise  the contact of a diamond from Kanuni Age to-day based on actual events. Her last novel Aşk-I Derya: Ayvazovski’nin Gizli İstanbul Güncesi (2016) is about the adventures of famous painter of 19th century in İstanbul.

I Left My Shadow In The Tulip Gardens (Gölgemi Bıraktım Lale Bahçelerinde), 2003, novel; The Concubine (Cariye), 2007, novel; Istanbul’s Ribboned Kaleidoscope (Fiyonklu İstanbul Dürbünü), 2009, novel; The Star of Istanbul (İstanbul Yıldızı), 2014, novel

Foreign Editions of Gül İrepoğlu’s Works: