cemmumcu-portreCem Mumcu 
was born in Akcaabat Turkey in 1966. He is a poet, psychiatrist, critic, and publisher. He felt “as if crammed into a sack” once he graduated from faculty of medicine. So he got his head out of psychiatry through a “hole in the sack”. Now he respires from this hole and throws a closer glance at literature, photography, plastic arts and non-medical disciplines. He researches and publishes on the nature of artistic creativity. He is disturbed about the full power of science and science without art. He strives to reconcile disciplines of art and science in order to create common fields so he publishes magazines and books to this end.
He thinks his basic trait is being “mortal”.

Cem Mumcu won the award of Doruktakiler (meaning ‘the ones at the top’ in Turkish) 2004, best story writer, given to especially talented writers, voted for by the public.


Page 3 Girl (Üçüncü Sayfa Güzeli), 2000, stories; Left in Suspense, Purgatory and Dreams (Muallâkta, Araf’ta ve Düşlerde), 2002, stories; Complete Work of Genuine Love (Sahici Aşklar Külliyatı), 2003, stories; Sarcophagus (Makber), 2004, novel; Balance of Fragile Souls (Hassas Ruhlar Terazisi), 2005, stories

Foreign Editions of Cem Mumcu’s Works: