Celil Oker was born in 1952. He finished secondary school and high school at the Amerikan College in Talas and Tarsus. In 1979 he graduated from the Department of English Language and Literature at Boğaziçi University.

After writing encyclopedic texts, working as a translator and journalist Oker started ad writing and he spent a long time in this area. In 1998, he started working as a lecturer at Bilgi University’s Faculty of Communication in the department of Advertising, where he also carried out Creative Writing Techniques workshops.

After winning the Kaktüs Kahvesi Crime Fiction Novel Competition in 1999, Celil Oker wrote 9 more crime fiction novels which tell the adventures of Detective Remzi Ünal.  His last novel Ateş Etme Istanbul won the Crime Fiction Prize of Dünya Kitap in 2013.

Naked Corpse (Çıplak Ceset), 1999, novel; The Corpse with Soccer Cleats (Kramponlu Ceset), 1999, novel; The Corpse with Tousand Lots (Bin Lotluk Ceset) 2000, novel; Upstaging Corpse (Rol Çalan Ceset), 2001, novel; The Last Corpse (Son Ceset), 2004, novel; One Hat One Gun (Bir Şapka Bir Tabanca), 2005, novel; Loser and Alone (Yenik ve Yalnız), 2010, novel; Don’t Shoot Istanbul (Ateş Etme İstanbul), 2013, novel

Foreign Editions of Celil Oker’s Works: