HPIM0237Can Eryümlü graduated from Middle East Technical University in Architecture and continues to live in his native city of Izmir. He has published two short story volumes and seven novels. He is the publisher of the magazine Kalimerhaba and has also translated works of Ursula K. LeGuin, Frederick Pohl and Euripides into Turkish.


I, God of Time (Ben Zaman Tanrısı), 1998, novel; The Place Where Time Ends (Zamanın Bittiği Yer), 1999, novel; The Last Treaty (Son Antlaşma), 2002, novel; Kalimerhaba Izmir (Kalimerhaba İzmir), 2004, novel; Kalimerhaba Smyrna (Kalimerhaba Smyrni), 2007, novel; Tears of Sakiz Island (Sakız’ın Gözyaşları), 2009, novel; Elif, Elif (Elif! Elif!), 2010, novel