Ayşe Erbulak was born in İstanbul in 1900s. After working at several newspapers she played at Istanbul Municipality City Theatres and Ali Poyrazoğlu Theatre. Later she worked at television channels and acted in various tv series. At the top of her career she migrated to Norway and started to run a cafe. Besides, she took part in two Norwegian theatre group over 11 years. When she returned to Turkey, she presented a mother-child program at TRT (Turkish Radio and Television Corporation). Recently, she performs one-(wo)man shows at home and abroad and plays at Duru and Kedi Theatres. Works: Sweat Death (Çok Şekerli Ölüm), 2012; Lemony Death (Limoni Ölüm), 2012; Awarded Death (Ödüllu Ölüm), 2013; Nine Rooms Murders (Dokuz Oda Cinayet), 2014; Look Mum Who’s Here (Anne Bak Kim Geldi?), 2015; Homicide Class President (Cinayet Sınıfı Başkanı), 2017;  Throughout the Night (Gece Boyunca), 2020.