Story writer and novelist Ayfer Tunç, who is a one of the most recent brilliant pens in Turkish literature, has received a lot of attention for her first short story book both from the literary circles and from readers. She was born in 1964, graduated from Istanbul University, School of Political Sciences.

She started working as a journalist in 1989 and worked for highly circulated periodicals and dailies. She worked as editor-in-chief at Yapı Kredi Publishing House between 1999-2004. Furthermore she wrote many screenplays. Tunç’s work is about the virtues of being a lonely city dweller and a human being, and with deep insight she describes the suffering that comes along with it. With her book My Parents Will Visit You If You Don’t Mind: Our Life in the ‘70s was first published in 2001, she won the international Balkanika Literary Award in 2003 among seven participating countries. The book was translated into six Balkan languages. The same year her screenplay Cloud in the Sky, inspired by Sait Faik’s short stories, was filmed and televised. She has also co-authored a non-fiction study named Two Faced Sexuality with Oya Ayman. She is the founder of the activity center called Yazmak Atölyesi where cinema and literature courses are given and cultural seminars are held.


The Yore Hotel (Evvelotel), 1989, stories; Cover Girl (Kapak Kızı), 1992, novel; Friends of the Cave (Mağara Arkadaşları), 1996, stories; The Mr. Aziz Incident (Aziz Bey Hadisesi), 2000, novella; My Mother Will Visit You If You Don’t Mind (Bir Maniniz Yoksa Annemler Size Gelecek), 2001, essays; Rock, Paper, Scissors (Taş Kağıt Makas), 2003, stories; They Call It A Life (Ömür Diyorlar Buna), 2007, stories; The Utterly Erroneously Narrated Story of a Madhouse (Bir Deliler Evinin Yalan Yanlış Anlatılan Kısa Tarihi), 2009, novel; The Night Of The Green Fairy (Yeşil Peri Gecesi), 2010, novel; Motherland Stories (Memleket Hikayeleri), 2012, essays; Weltschmerz (Dünya Ağrısı), 2014, novel; Lovers are Lunatics or Heads or Tails (Aşıklar Delidir ya da Yazı Tura), 2018, novel; Osman, 2020, novel; Spare Life (Kurukız), 2023, novel.

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