asli tohumcu 002Born in Leverkusen in 1974, Aslı Tohumcu studied English Language and Literature. Her first book, abis (abyss), a collection of short stories about violence, was published in 2003. Her second book, yok bana sensiz hayat (no life without you), a novella about love and death, was published in 2006 and translated into German, Bulgarian, Albanian and Arabic. She spent almost one year in The Hague (Netherlands) as a guest author and wrote about the life stories of Turkish immigrants for a daily newspaper called ad/haagsche courant. The collection of these articles was published in Dutch under the title over welk turkije heeft u het? (which turkey are you talking about?) in 2008. Her fourth book, şeytan geçti (cuticle), is a collection of short stories concerning violence against women and was published in March, 2010. In her latest novel, taş uykusu (deep sleep), she tried to create a panoramic picture of life and people in Turkey; this novel was published in December 2010.



Abis (Abis), 2003, stories; No Life Without You (Yok Bana Sensiz Hayat), 2006, novella; Cuticle (Şeytan Geçti), 2010, stories; Deep Sleep (Taş Uykusu), 2011, novel

Foreign Editions of Aslı Tohumcu’s Works: