She was born in 1976 in Istanbul. She completed her undergraduate education in Child Development and Education and her master’s degree in Creative Drama. Her books İlköğretimde Yaratıcı Drama and Eğitim için Tiyatro were published. Her designs for learning through art and play have been featured in many conferences, congress programs and magazines. For more than twenty-five years, she has worked with children, organized creative drama and theater workshops and staged plays. In 2014, she published her first series İyi ki Varsın Tilki Toni and so far she has more than twenty children’s books published by different publishers. She writes about picture books in her column, “İlk Kitaplığım” on a website and organizes Little Bookworms Meetings once a season. With her “Masal Yoga” workshops, she brings many children together with fairy tales in bookstores, schools, fairs, libraries and parks. She develops and carries out various social responsibility projects to promote reading culture. Moda Children’s Library, which she founded and coordinates in her neighborhood, is one of these projects. Following the Cumhuriyet Book Supplement’s children’s and youth literature page titled “Taş-Kâğıt-Makas”, she now writes criticism articles on children’s literature for Sanat Kritik. She lives in Moda with her husband, son and cats.