ezgi_ozbek_senelEzgi was born in Bursa in 1992 yet she spent all her childhood in Samsun. In 2015, she graduated from Istanbul University’s Faculty of Pharmacy. Ever since she learned how to talk, she relentlessly told stories to everyone around her, until the day she learned how to write. Although she did not talk less, she wrote more and more each day.

She enjoys writing long winded fictions as well as short stories. Thus, her love for stories pushed her into the world of literature magazines. She settled down at Kayıp Rıhtım for a while and strived to make it into its Monthly Selected Stories section regularly. After publishing 20 stories on their website, her break through came with her story being selected as one of the top 10 stories at Tuna Nehrine Öyküler competition. Güvercin Teleğinde Düşler -her shortlisted story- will be included in the story book which will compile selected entries from the competition.

Ezgi also started Publishing Management master’s program at Marmara University in 2019 because her interest regarding publishing is not only limited to writing. An other thing she is in love with as much as writing, is reading. She believes every book and every life that she visits changes her and she will never get sick of knocking on doors of different worlds.