Yaprak Öz was born in 1973. She graduated from the University of Istanbul, American Literature. Her poems and stories have been published in various magazines, newspapers and compilation books. Öz has been invited to various literary festivals both in Turkey and abroad. She has translated many poets’ works into Turkish and her poems have been translated into English, Greek, Macedonian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Romanian and Swedish. Her novels are in the genre of thriller and mystery. She is a member of International PEN.

Poetry books: The Diary of Storm (2006), Music Box With Poems (2009 – Cemal Süreya Success Award), One, Two, Three Sky (2012), Old Clock Tic Tac (2016)

Novels: The Berliner Apartment (2013), Satan Disco (2015), The Fox, The Owl, The Virgin (2017), Tag you, Black Orchid (2018), The Flower Of Farahnaz (2019 – Crystal Cuffs Mystery Book of the Year Award), Villa Peony (2020 – Dünya Mystery Book Award), The Unhaunted House (2021)