Born in Istanbul in 1973. After completing his studies at Kabataş High School for Boys, attained his bachelor’s degree at the Philosophy Department of Istanbul University Faculty of Literature. Completed his master’s degree in Sociology at Marmara University Institute of Middle East Studies. Contributed programs to a variety of radio and television channels. Besides writing articles and short stories for literature magazines, he also writes documentaries and feature film scripts.

Published Works:
Choir of Stuttering Boys, Profil Publishing, 2000

The Queen’s Fleas, Profil Publishing, 2002

And You Fly Away as a Bird, Profil Publishing, 2004

Vague Recollection, Profil Publishing, 2007

A Man Entered the City Running, Profil Publishing, 2010

Champs Elysees Wedding Hall, Profil Publishing, 2015

Falling, Profil Publishing, 2018

Foreign Editions of Tarık Tufan’s Works