By Fethi Karaduman

Canan Tan was born in Ankara. She 
graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy, Ankara University. She wrote columns on Yeni Asır (İzmir) newspaper. Her articles about current affairs reflected through a humorous language were published on Milliyet Pazar newspaper. She wrote “Çuvaldız” columns on Mimoza newspaper and “Kazete-Mazete” columns on Kazete magazine. The author has a lot of books and script work in the frame of story, novel, humor and children’s literature. In 1979, Canan Tan’s book “My Son” won the grand prize in the screenplay of the Kelebek Newspaper. The work was photographed as a fotoroman. Her work titled “Purple or Blue” won the grand prize of the 1997 Rıfat Ilgaz Gülmece Story Contest. In addition, this book by Canan Tan was deemed worthy of being published in the humor narrative contest organized by İnkılâp Bookshop on the first death anniversary of Aziz Nesin in 1996. Canan Tan was the first female writer to have a book on humor narratives in Turkey with her book “Purple or Blue “. In 2002, she wrote her first story book for adults named “Chocolate Covered Sadness”. In 2003, Canan Tan’s first novel “Piraye” was published and this work attracted great interest.

Piraye(2003), Dance with Heroin (Eroinle Dans, 2009), I Loved You By Heart (Yüreğim Seni Çok Sevdi, 2009), The Heart Dies Last (En Son Yürekler Ölür, 2009), Mark (İz, 2011), Lonely Men Chorus (Issız Erkekler Korosu, 2012), Hasret (Longing, 2013), Pembe ve Yusuf (2014), Handcuff (Kelepçe, 2016)