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Liz Behmoaras is a translator, journalist and author born in İstanbul. She started to work as an editor for Şalom Newspaper; she also worked freelance for Nokta and Aktuel magazines and Cumhuriyet and Yeni Yüzyıl newspapers; she collaborated for long years to Liberation newspaper in France. She has been also advisor and translator for AFA Publishing House.

Türkiye’de Aydınların Gözüyle Yahudiler” (Jews Seen by Intellectuals in Turkey), “Yüzyıl Sonu Tanıklıkları” (Testimonies of the End of the Century)

Kimsin Jak Samanon?” (Who are you Jack Samanon?), “Mazhar Osman Kapalı Kutudaki fırtına” (Mazhar Osman, Storm in a Closed Area ), “Suat Derviş – Efsane Bir Kadın ve Dönemi” (Suat Derviş – A Legendary Woman and Her Time), “Bir Kimlik Arayışının Hikâyesi”  (The Story of an Identity Search)

Sevmenin Zamanı” (A Time to Love), “Sen Bir Başka Gittin” (You Left in a Particular Way), “Alman Subay’ın Evi” (The German Officer’s House).   

She also participated in two collective works in French, Une Enfance Juive en Méditerranée musulmane (Jewish childhood in Muslim Mediterranean) and Femmes Ottomane et Dames Turques (Ottomans women and Turkish ladies) The characters of her biographies lived and worked in a pivotal time in history; a period of transition from the Ottoman Empire to the new Turkish Republic with all the problems and contradictions inherent in it. Her novels are aiming also to deal with all sorts of identity-related problems.

Foreign Editions of Liz Behmoaras’s Works: