OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABeyazit Akman, author, short-story writer, researcher, essayist, book critic, professor of English literature, and a Ph.D. candidate in East-West discourse in Western Literature, lives in the United States. He started writing the Empire series after five years of archival research including more than a hundred resources in Turkish and English in libraries worldwide by using never-before-seen archival material. This multi-perspective novel, which extends from Constantinople to Venice to Rome, brings together historical figures such as Bellini and Gutenberg as well as the never-been-told story of a ruler, who has won the hearts and minds of people from many religions and cultures. The novel questions the myths about the Christian-Muslim relations in the collective conscious of Europe and offers fresh perspectives on the East-West dichotomy.



The Conquest – The World’s First Day (Dünyanın İlk Günü), novel, 2010; The Last Sephardic Jew (İmperatorluk II – Son Sefarad), novel, 2012

Foreign Editions of Beyazıt Akman’s Works: