M.Altar_Kaplan [640x480]Altar Kaplan was born in Kütahya, a city in western Turkey. He completed his primary and high school education in Kütahya and undergraduate and graduate studies at Istanbul University, Faculty of Economics. His academic articles were published in various platforms and his column. He was assigned to various non-govermental organizations and socio–political institutions. He is still working as an revenue specialist in tax department in İstanbul. In recent years, he deals with various types of art including installation art and photography. However, his main occupation is literature.

The Village of Caliph
s (Halifeler Köyü), classic novel, 250p, 2015
Les Appartements Papadopoulos Frères (Papadopoulos Apartmanı), postmodern novel, 390p, 2015
Aloda, can be classified as experimental novel, 240p, 2016
Between Two Rivers (İki Nehir Arası), novel, 460p, 2019