artist_156912[1]Gülten Dayıoğlu was born in Kütahya in 1935. She graduated from Atatürk Girls’ Highschool in Istanbul and went on to study Law at Istanbul University. However, she always wanted to become a primary school teacher and so she took steps to accomplish that dream. While teaching at primary school, Dayıoğlu learned to understand children better.

After fifteen years as a teacher, she turned to writing in order to reach more children and contribute to their development and education. At that time, there existed only a few books for children and Dayıoğlu filled a void with her works.

Until today, she has published more than seventy books, each of them with many subsequent print runs. She has also authored more than twenty radio plays and tv scripts. She has also researched the problems faced by the children of Turkish workers abroad and the education system in Turkey, and has participated in many national and international conferences on children’s literature.

Selected Works:

Green Cherry (Yeşil Kiraz), 1992; Journey Beyond the Oceans (Okyanuslar Ötesine Yolculuk), 1992; Journey to Kenya (Kenya’ya Yolculuk), 1993; Green Cherry 2 (Yeşil Kiraz 2), 1995; Journey to Mexico (Meksika’ya Yolculuk), 1995; Journey to India and a Trip to Nepal (Hindistan’a Yolculuk ve Nepal Gezisi), 1996

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