mine k 5Even though Mine G Kırıkkanat was born in Ankara, the official capital of Turkey, we should consider her a resident of Istanbul, the cultural capital. She graduated from Fevzi Atlıoğlu primary school, Notre Dame de Sion high school and then Istanbul University Sociology Department. She was a foreign correspondent in Spain for Cumhuriyet newspaper and French correspondent for Milliyet newspaper for many years. She wrote daily articles for the newspaper Radikal. Currently she writes for Vatan. She is also responsible for TV5Monde. In addition to being a well-known journalist, she dedicated her life to writing novels, stories and essays.

Works (selection):

Fly Palace (Sinek Sarayı), 1990, novel; One Day, One Night (Bir Gün, Gece), 2003, novel; Love Stories (Aşk Hikayeler), 2004, stories; Good Bad Woman (İyi Kötü Kadın), 2005, essays; Despite Everything (Her Şeye Rağmen), 2006, essays; Sponge Cake (Pandispanya), 2007, non-fiction; The Blood of Dreams (Destina), 2008, novel; Nobody (Hiç Kimse), 2016

Foreign Editions of Mine G. Kırıkkanat’s Works