elvan uysal1Elvan Uysal was born in Istanbul in 1974 and she has been living in Rome since 2000. She has worked as journalist, editor, foreign correspondent and producer in several media groups in Turkey and Italy, before turning to writing. Her first book, Mamma Mia was a collection of cooking encounters with Italian women from age 42 to 87, resulting in a lively portrait of Italian everyday life along the 20th Century. After that, she published two books for children Tales for the Little Gourmet, World Cuisine for the Little Gourmet, providing little stories for parents to cook with children and teaching them the value of food. Her last book, Of Grape and People, is again the result of scores of encounters with Italian wine producers, talking about their passion, their sacrifices and their successes. All of these have been published by YKY. She keeps a regular column on the Turkish edition of the  Italian food magazine “La Cucina Italiana”, and occasionally writes on Italian food and wine culture magazine  “Gambero Rosso”. She also runs a blog, Çiğ ve Pişmiş, where she talks about food, wine, beer, people and places.