ece erdogus foto3Ece Erdoğuş was born in 1982. She began to take an interest in theatre and writing during secondary school and graduated from the Theatre Studies Department at the Fine Arts Faculty of Yeditepe University. In 1998 she passed the exam for On Duty Theatre established by Ferhan Şensoy. From 2000 to 2005 she acted and worked as an assistant director in the Ortaoyuncular theatre.


An Extraordinary Ordeal (KOLPA), 2009, novel; A Guide for Destruction (Yok Olma Kılavuzu), 2011, novel; Do You Like Strange Stories? (Tuhaf Hikayeleri Sever Misiniz?), 2016, novel; Tell Me Everything From The Beginning (Her Şeyi Baştan Anlat), 2018, novel

Foreign Editions of Ece Erdoğuş’s Works: