meltem_yilmazMeltem Yılmaz 
graduated from Çankaya University Department of English Language and Literature, and completed her master degree at Yeditepe University as a schoolarship student of English Language and Literature. She began her journalist career at the newspaper Cumhuriyet in 2008. In her news, she tried to give a voice to disadvantaged groups such as disabled citizens, drug addicts, homeless people living on the streets, children involved in crime, refugees and asylum seekers, women who experience violence, LGBT, sex workers. Her news were awarded for the “Health in Media Award” by Turkish Medical Association and “Interview of the Year Award” by Contemporary Journalists’ Association.

In January 2015, her first book “Boş Tarlalarda Ölü Bedenler” discussed through research-analysis and interviews the synthetic drug Bonzai which has become one of the biggest problems in Turkey. Her second book and also first novel “Soraya” was published in June 2015. “Soraya” handles a Syrian woman refugee’s drama told around in a love story in Turkey. Her third novel “Iris” was published in 2016 by Destek Publishing.