hifzi_topuz5 - KopyaHıfzı Topuz was born in Istanbul in 1923. He completed Lycee de Galatasaray (1942) and the School of Law at Istanbul University (1948). He received his Master’s Degree from the University of Strasbourg where he studied international law and journalism (1957-59) and his PhD from the School of Law of the same university on journalism (1960).

Between 1947-58, he worked at the daily Akşam newspaper first as chief of intelligence and then as an editor. He was among the founders of the Trade Union of Journalists of Istanbul and served as the Chairperson. Topuz worked at the Unesco Headquarters in Paris as head of the Free News Circulation Department (1959-1983). He directed projects related to professional collaboration between international press organizations, press code, journalism education, and the protection of journalists. In African countries, India and the Philippines, he organized seminars on journalism education. Furthermore the rural press project in Black Africa was established by him.

In 1962, he initiated and led the first projects at Unesco Center in Paris for the establishment of the Faculty of Communication of Ankara University, known at the time as the School of Journalism. Hıfzı Topuz worked for TRT, the Turkish Radio and Television Company, as the Vice General Manager Responsible for the Radio Channels (1974-75). In 1986, he founded the Communications Research Association (ILAD), and he has acted as the chairperson since then. He wrote articles for Vatan, Milliyet and Cumhuriyet newspapers as well as various magazines. He gave lectures at the communication faculties of Anatolian University, Galatasaray University and Istanbul University including courses on the press, the history of television and radio, international communication, and political communication.

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