erhan_afyoncu_tarihErhan Afyoncu was born in 1967 in Tokat / Turkey.

1984 he started studying at the Marmara University Atatürk Faculty of Education and graduated from the department of History Lectureship in 1988. In 1989 he was appointed to work as a researcher at the same faculty. Erhan Afyoncu post graduated from the Social Science Department with his thesis about Necati Efendi Tarih-i Kırım (Russia Ambassadorial Report) in 1990. With his dissertation Osmanlı Devlet Teşkilatında Defterhâne-i Âmire (XVI-XVIII. Centuries) he finished his PhD.

In 2000 he became an assistant professor, in 2008 a lecturer and in 2014 professor.

Foreign Editions of Erhan Afyoncu’s Works: