Elif_Tanrıyar [640x480]Elif Tanrıyar
was born in İstanbul. After graduation from YTU Urban Planning, she followed her dreams and began her journalism career in Vizyon and Vizyon Dekorasyon magazines at 1995. During her career she became a reporter, editor, editor in chief and editor at large but her favorite was always book criticism.

She continues her career as a freelance journalist. Her book reviews, essays and articles about literature were published in Sabah Newspaper, Sabah Book Supplement, Milliyet Book Supplement, Radikal Book Supplement, Milliyet Sanat magazine, Sabit Fikir magazine, İstanbul Art News and Artful Living. Together with Sibel Oral’s partnership she hosts literature events for Yapı Kredi Publishing House, open for the public. Her two stories took place in Kar İzleri Örttü and Öyküden Çıktım Yola. Her debut novel, “I am Çırağan” is being prepared for publication.