Author Cem Selcen was born in Istanbul. He completed his primary and secondary school in Bursa. He graduated from Yıldız Teknik University Department of Mechanical Engineering.  Trying different jobs for his career, he is still a manager of a night club.

He had published gaSte and an art/city newspaper called as S for a long time. Writer’s published novels are  1578- Bir Korsan Hikayesi ( İmge Yayınları / Publishing, 1999), Saat Kaçtır Acaba(Who Knows What Time It Is) ( Everest Yayınları / Publishing, 2003), Elmanın Suçu(Blame the Apple)( Sel Yayıncılık / Publishing, 2nd edition, 2013) and story is Öğle Paydosu(Noon Interval) ( Sel Yayıncılık / Publishing, 2nd edition, 2013). Latest book of Cem Selcen is  Tek Kişilik Din(Religion for One) ( Sel Yayıncılık / Publishing, 2013), which has been published recently.Elmanın Suçu(Blame the Apple) was published in eight different languages.

Foreign Editions of Cem Selcen’s Works: