adnan_BinyazarBorn in 1934, Adnan Binyazar studied literature at Ankara Gazi Education Institute. He worked at several institutes and schools as a teacher and also worked at the Turkish Institute of History. In 1978, he was appointed as the president of the Ministry of Culture Publicity and Publications Department, where he was the responsible director of the National Culture and Translation periodicals. Binyazar was also elected as the Director of the Publications Branch of the Institute of Turkish Language. He researched folk culture and participated in many international conferences and seminars. Strongly believing that societies must develop and keep their national cultures alive, Binyazar has written numerous essays, reviews, and research books that highlight the cultural values of Turkish society.


Works (selection):

My Grandpa Korkut, 4 Atturk Nomad Stories (Dedem Korkut-Vier Attürkische Nomadensagen ), 1984, stories; 15 Turkish Folk Tales (15 Türk Masalı), 1994, stories; Wounded Mahmut (Yaralı Mahmut), 1994, stories; The Poet’s Cat (Şairin Kedisi), 2000, stories; The Giant Who Lost His Tale (Masalını Yitiren Dev), 2000, novel; Death Has No Shadows (Ölümün Gölgesi Yok), 2004, novel; Elif and Mahmut (Elif İle Mahmut), 2007, stories; Kerem and Asli (Kerem İle Aslı), 2007, stories; Shah Mahmet (Şah Mahmet), 2009, stories; Love In The Moonlit Steppe (Bozkır Aydınlığında Aşk), 2011, novel; Daylight Journey: Escape (Günışığına Yolculuk-Kaçış), 2013, novel; Daylight Journey: Arrival (Günışığına Yolculuk-Varış), 2014, novel; The Red-Haired Countess (Kızıl Saçlı Kontes), 2014, stories

Foreign Editions of Adnan Binyazar’s Works: