09Born in central Anatolia in 1965, Burhan Sönmez grew up speaking Kurdish and Turkish, and later moved to Istanbul where he studied law. He has written for a number of magazines and newspapers on literature. He had to move to Britain due to political reasons following an assault by police and underwent a treatment in London the support of ‘Freedom from Torture’. His first novel, North, was published in 2009 and his second, Sins & Innocents, in 2011. Istanbul Istanbul, published in 2015, is Burhan Sönmez’s third novel. He received the most prominent literary prize of Sedat Simavi in 2011 for his second novel Sins & Innocents and became the youngest author ever received this prize. Sins & Innocents was granted the Izmir St. Joseph Best Novel Award in the same year. It got nominated for the “Writing for Love” Literary Prize in Italy in 2014. Having had stories published in various anthologies, Burhan Sönmez is also recipient of the 2015 Story Honor Prize awarded by the Bursa Art and Writing Association. His novels are being published in some twenty countries including France (Gallimard), USA (OrBooks), Germany (btb Random House), Denmark (Turbine). Burhan Sönmez served as a jury member for the Cevdet Kudret Novel Award in 2014. He currently gives lectures in the university of METU on literary theory and the novel. He is member of English PEN and Turkish PEN and he is board member of PEN International since 2016.



North (Kuzey), 2009, novel; Sins and Innocents (Masumlar), 2011, novel, Istanbul Istanbul, 2015, novel.

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