FATIH DIKMEN [640x480]He was born in Istanbul in 1980. It was painful for him to go to primary school and he was wishing to have endless summer break. He discovered his passion when he was in high school. Then he won the award in National Biology Olympics afterwards started to biology department in Hacettepe University. He conducted researches with the herbs and insects that he collected from all around Turkey. He also did a doctorial thesis about this topic. He was the doctor of insects but he still has so many things to do. He is an associate professor in Istanbul University since 2014. He is the writer of  Yeşil Günlük, Hayvan Atlası, Böcek Atlası, Fil Ozof’un Bilim Günlüğü, Fil Ozof’un Doğa Günlüğü, and Kafası Değişikler Atlası.