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Nermin Yıldırım (b. 1980, in Bursa) has been interested in literature ever since her childhood. Throughout her primary school years, she wrote her first poems and stories. Her uncle typed her writings, reproduced them by photocopy, and bound them as a book – and thus she had published her first unofficial book at the age of nine. In 2002, she graduated from Eskisehir Anatolian University, at the Faculty of Communication Sciences Department of Press. She then worked as journalist, editor and columnist for various newspapers and magazines, and as a copywriter for advertisement agencies.

In 2010, she moved to Barcelona. Her debut, The Forget-Me-Not Building was published in 2011 by Dogan Kitap, one of the most prestigious publishing houses in Turkey. At the same year, the book earned much acclaim in literary circles and was awarded Novel of the Year by the French high schools in Istanbul and Izmir. Yıldırım’s second novel, Secrets Dreamed In Istanbul (2012) was published once again by Doğan Kitap, and the launch happened to coincide with the authors birthday on March 7th.

The Forget-Me-Not Building (Unutma Beni Apartmanı) 2011, novel; Secrets Dreamed in Istanbul (Rüyalar Anlatılmaz), 2012, novel; The Map of Secret Gardens (Saklı Bahçeler Haritası), 2013, novel; Forgetting Lessons (Unutma Dersleri), 2015, Without a Touch (Dokunmadan), 2017, novel; The Guest (Misafir), 2018, novel

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