nermin_bezmenNermin Bezmen was born in 1954, and raised in Turkey. She graduated from Basic High School in Henderson, Nevada which she attended on an American Field Service (AFS) scholarship.

After an active and diverse business career she was introduced to the “Traditional   Turlash Arts” by Pamtress Shermin Bezmen, her mother-in-law. She attended courses at the Topkapi Palace Museum and the Academy of Fine Arts that she concluded with flying colors. She became one of the pioneers to spearhead the revival of miniatures and illumination. She took part in twenty-five Exhibitions, nine of them personal. What started as a hobby soon turned out to shape a career of beaux arts, restoration, decorative painting and silk screen printing the traditional vein. At her workshop she teaches about sixty people, holding classes for toddlers, youngsters as well as grown-up ladies and during the last decade hundreds of students have graduated.

Her first brush with literature came in 1991 when she published her collected poems in a volume entitled Love that Awakens. She was already an accomplished journalist as well as a TV Hostess when she, after 8 years of researching her roots in the Crimea, Russia, Prussia, Romania and France, wrote her first historical real life saga. It is focused on the suffering, aspirations, obstinacy, proud arrogance, patient endurance, deep love and painful longing of her ancestors: Kurt Seyt & Shura, published in 1992, became a national bestseller, as did her second novel, Kurt Seyt & Murka.  Her third and fourth novel are entitled The Immigrants of Mengene and The Wings of My Mind respectively.

Works (selection):

Kurt Seyt & Shura, 1992, novel; Kurt Seyt & Murka, 1993; The Immigrants of Mengene (Mengene Göçmenleri), 1994, novel; The Wings of My Mind (Zihnimin Kanatları), 1995, essays; From Our Secret Garden (Bizim Gizli Bahçemizden), 2009, novel; Unsent Love (Gönderilmeyen Aşk), 2010, novel; The Devil’s Failure (Şeytanın İflası), 2011, novel

Foreign Editions of Nermin Bezmen’s Works